Americans for Transit’s mission is to strengthen, create, and unite grassroots transit rider organizations across the United States.

We aim to create a big-tent coalition of transit riders and supporters to address the pressing transit funding crisis in America. While demand for transit continues to increase, bus and train riders are left stranded. We won’t stand for more service cuts and fare increases. Across America we need more affordable public transportation; not less.

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    Clayton County volunteers rally for MARTA service

    Americans for Transit joined the Almagamated Transit Union Local 732, Georgia Standup and The Sierra Club at a rally in support of  transit service in Clayton County. 

    Clayton County commissioners Jeffrey Turner believes this is a move that could turn the county around.

    "The unemployment rate in Clayton County is 9.4 percent, one of the highest in the state. Unacceptable. You look at economic development and the opportunities transit will bring us. I would say look at those, look at the options, and see that transit is a viable, positive thing for Clayton County."

    If the measure passes, limited bus service would head into the county in March 2015, with full bus service following in phases.

    Watch here:


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    UM Report: Access to Jobs Across America

    The Access Across America series measures accessibility to jobs via various modes of transportation in major metropolitan areas across the United States.

    This University of Minnesota study examined the accessibility to jobs by transit in 46 of the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. It provides a detailed analysis of access to jobs by transit, allowing for a direct comparison of performance of America’s largest metropolitan areas. This survey can provide information to planners and advocates on how incremental improvements in service — a few more buses at rush hour, more frequent connections in the subway — can help connect employers to those looking for work.

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    San Francisco Will Vote on Prop. A to Fund Transit

    On Nov. 4, San Franciscans will be asked to consider its first transportation bond in more than 60 years, Proposition A -- a $500 million bond that will begin the investment in needed improvements to San Francisco's transit and transportation as part of The City's long-range capital plan. These bonds will be paid for without raising the property-tax rate.

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