DC Riders Union Forming Now!



While mass transit in Washington DC is in desperate need of improvement for riders,  leaders in the transit authority are focused instead on further service cuts and fare hikes. Better mass transit is only possible if we, the riders, fight for it. It’s up to us - if we come together, we can win the regional DC Metro that we deserve.


The DC Metro was once considered among the best mass transit systems in the world. Today, it is a in perpetual crisis. From serious safety issues like fires and derailments, to declining customer satisfaction due to packed and hot cars, to financial problems like an $10 billion dollar capital deficit (10 years), a $1 billion operating deficit in the next year and a recent credit downgrade, our mass transit system is in terrible shape. Worst of all, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA), the transit authority that operates the DC Metro, has reported an 11% decline in ridership.  

As ridership declines, deficits worsen. In order to fill the gap, transit authorities could raise our fares and cut service and routes.  All of which shoves more people out of the system and our neighbors get laid off from good transit related jobs.

A massive loss of riders might signal the death of a transit system.

Working people in the Washington DC Region will suffer the most. An insufficient transit system will leave us unable to reach our jobs, needed medical resources, our friends and families, and all the other aspects of our everyday lives. The negative effects will ripple out as the gridlock on the surrounding roads worsens, commutes everywhere take longer, parking becomes scarcer, the city becomes less manageable by foot and bike, and the quality of our air and environment degrades further.

If transit riders get organized, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Americans for Transit, a national nonprofit dedicated to organizing riders for better transit, is calling on DC Metro riders to join together to improve our regional transit system.

Sign up now to learn more about how you can get involved.

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