Detroit's Massive Transit Policy Failure - What Does it Mean?

As the nation reacts to the story of a single man's 21-mile walk to work, advocates slam the city-suburban political divide that deliberately fosters that inane policy of separating workers from jobs. Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press writes in his widely cited column

"If the opt-out's cultural noxiousness weren't enough, its practical failures should badly embarrass leaders in every corner of metro Detroit. A bus system that can't get people to where the jobs are is of no use to people who want to work."

The Amalgamated Transit Union also issued a statement that criticizes our national neglect of transit dependent riders.

"Like Robertson they don’t live in a rural town or in an undeveloped country.  They live in metropolitan areas where public transit has been cut and they can’t afford a car, leaving them no way to get between work and home,” says ATU International President Larry Hanley. “If we want to give all Americans an equal opportunity to provide for their families our nation must commit itself to developing one of the best engines of economic development – public transit,” Hanley says.

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