Bus Riders Won a Huge, $2.1 Billion, Surprise Victory In Charleston

The voters of Charleston had the opportunity to vote to improve public transportation.  Then, the referendum was severely damaged by a hurricane, DC Metro train fires and a local, double-dealing politician (revealed on a secretly recorded tape).  Despite high level defections from a major environmental group, the League of Women Voters and the NAACP, the local bus riders union, pulled out a major, surprise victory.  Keep reading to find out how we used grassroots organizing to save the day and how this victory gives us some hints of how we can win even during the Trump Presidency.  This is a good #ThanksgivingRead .    

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DC Riders Union Forming Now!



While mass transit in Washington DC is in desperate need of improvement for riders,  leaders in the transit authority are focused instead on further service cuts and fare hikes. Better mass transit is only possible if we, the riders, fight for it. It’s up to us - if we come together, we can win the regional DC Metro that we deserve.


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USDOT Secretary Foxx Sends 6-Year Transportation Bill to Congress

USDOT Secretary Foxx unveils a long-term transportation bill that provides funding growth and certainty so that state and local governments can get back in the business of building things again. The GROW AMERICA Act is a six-year, $478 billion transportation reauthorization bill that would increase our investment in transportation by 45%. The details of this bill will:

  • Support millions of American jobs repairing and modernizing our roads, bridges, railways and transit systems.
  • Ensure American business can compete effectively in the global economy and grow.
  • Increase connections so that more Americans have access to jobs and education.
  • Benefit urban, suburban and rural communities alike.

The Administration also released state-by-state fact sheets on how the Grow America Act will benefit local highway and transit systems. Click here for details.

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USDOT Finally Allows Local Hiring!

Everyone knows that transit construction provides a tremendous boost in jobs and economic activity. Every $1 billion we invest not only improves connectivity between communities and opportunity; it also creates 13,000 jobs. And when those jobs are local, the community benefit of that public investment multiplies. To get the biggest bang for the buck, local residents get a shot at building the projects that impact their communities.

This is called "local hiring," and today, DOT is finally embracing it.


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The Tortured Logic of the Heritage Foundation on Public Transportation

Over the years, the Heritage Foundation has tried, and consistently failed to offer their warped logic why we should all abandon transit and crawl back in our cars -- powered, not so coincidentally, by the very same oil industry that funds their "research". The Center for American Progress just released a point-by-point expose on their faulty logic and their extremist ideas for dismantling all support for public transportation. Read the entire summary here.

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Montgomery Commissioner runs for Mayor on Pro-transit Platform

Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Harris said he would focus on community development, adding that if elected, he would assess what different communities in the city are going through and work to improve many community services, such as the Montgomery Area Transit System.

"Mass transit in a city of more than 200,000 people is a necessity and should be treated as such, not a nuisance," he said.

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