#Transitvote 2013

Today is election day in the US. It may be an off year election, but please use your political power and go vote. If you’re reading this blog, you probably already do. Regardless, check out this great piece on the topic from Eric Liu.

With another election, comes another round of transit ballot elections across the country. This year’s bout of transit measures is much less active than last November during the presidential. There are no major metros going to the ballot this November, but there are still many ballot measures we’re watching tonight.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Missoula, Montana: The idyllic college town of Missoula, Montana is voting on a mill levy/property tax measure to expand and improve their relatively small bus system. With a large student population the bus system is already popular and Missoula is a progressive bright blue dot in Montana politics. Hopefully the voters take their bus service over the finish line. The campaign has been run under the banner of “Friends of the Mountain Line”.
  2. Spencer Township in Ohio is at it again. Last year, with the help of the local Amalgamated Transit Union, the voters decisively rejected a ballot question that would have forced the town to leave the regional transit service, TARTA. Apparently one no vote wasn’t good enough and transit opponents have put the question to end their transit service back on the ballot this year. This ballot is an example of the concerning and growing trend of transit opponents using the ballot tool against us.
  3. Rural Okanogan is trying to pass a .4% sales tax to start a brand new rural transit agency in the tourist heavy Methow Valley of Washington State. Transportation Choices has a full write-up on the campaign. Also in Washington State there is a measure in Gray’s Harbor to raise the sales tax by .1% to prevent cuts the service (also relatively rural).


Get on the bus in Okanogan

Get on the bus in Okanogan


Stay tuned as we report on how the transit votes did this year and look for a very busy and exciting 2014 for transit elections. As always thanks to the Center for Transportation Excellence and the Amalgamated Transit Union’s Government Affairs department, both of whom we coordinate closely with on transit ballot work.

Track all of tonights’ elections at http://www.cfte.org/elections and sort by November 2013.

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