#Transitvote 2013 Update

Wow! What a night for public transit across the country.

Yesterday we previewed the election, today here are your results. According to CFTE’s tracking website transit went 6/7 last night with transit ballots across the country. Congrats to all of the riders, agencies, labor unions, and advocates who worked hard on the these ballot measures to get them passed. Last night reaffirms that Americans in all types of communities want and will pay for more public transit. Many of last night’s ballots were in small towns and rural areas. Stay tuned as we dissect the results and hold discussions on lessons learned from the field.

Here is a full list of the from CFTE results with brief commentary:

Statewide Maine passed a bond measure 72%-28% for primarily roads with a small portion going towards transit.
Schoolcraft County, MI passed 68%-32% mill/property tax increase for transit operations.
Missoula, MT 57%-43% passed a mill/property tax increase to expand bus service and meet growing demand in the community.
Spencer Township, Ohio passed a measure 51%-49% to remove the town from the regional transit service, TARTA. This was the one potential loss of the night for transit voters that simply lost due to it being a low turnout year. Last year the exact same proposal was defeated during a higher turnout election. It is currently losing by 26 votes.
Lake County Ohio 71%-29% passed a measure that sets aside 25% of the locally collected sales tax for transit service operations.
Grays Harbor, WA passed a sales tax increase to stave off cuts to this predominately rural service 71%-29%.
Last but not least, Okanogan voters passed a sales tax measure 56%-44% to essentially create a new transit system in rural north central Washington State.

A good night for transit indeed!

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