Fix it, fund it and make it fair!

Public Transit for Public Good has officially launched in Massachusetts! Check out their comprehensive website. Here is more info from Diana Bell, the lead organizer of the campaign. Stay tuned as we track and assist this exciting effort and many other ones across the country fighting for more transit, not less.


Public Transit—Public Good campaign is a Massachusetts based partnership of transit workers (ATU) and riders working for a sustainable funding structure for transit throughout our state and fully functional, affordable public transportation that increases equity across race, class, region, and citizenship status.

Like many other regions in the country, our Commonwealth’s public transit system is broken and broke. Inadequate funding and structural debt issues has resulted in too much of the burden of budget shortfalls falling on the backs of riders, workers and municipalities through regressive hikes and service cuts. Furthermore, too much taxpayer money for transportation goes into payments to private banks rather than investments in public service due to debt service payments.

Over the last year, our campaign has brought together rider and worker organizations across the state to fight back these regressive policies and instead propose solutions to “fix it, fund it and make it fair!” Under that chant, we have spoken out at actions, in the media and in our state legislature on the need to sustainably fund our transit system and to ensure its meeting the real needs of riders and workers and remains accessible and affordable to all. This past November 27th we released our first report “Route to our future: Transit solutions for Equity, Sustainability, and Economic Growth in the Commonwealth”, which offers solutions for our state’s transit crisis that includes: bringing rider and worker seats into decision-making bodies at the state and local level; funding through progressive revenue streams and policies to create fairer fare structures.

To learn more about our campaign to get a copy our report, check out our website:  or contact Diana Bell, Community Labor United

This report release and policy briefing at the Massachusetts State House included dozens of state legislators, community and union leaders. We also premiered a video we created with our leaders showing the day-to-day lives of riders and bus drivers in Springfield

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