New 15 Second PSA in Philly

Our friends at the Deleware Valley Association or Rail Passengers (DVARP) have a new silent 15 second PSA that they are playing on trains across the the Philadelphia region. Considering that transit funding has been under attack in Pennsylvania for the past few years, their question of, “what if there wasn’t money to run your train?” is timely.

Here is more from DVARP’s Communications Director Andy Sharpe:

“The Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers has assembled a coalition in the Philadelphia-area to draw public attention to the continuing shortfall in mass transit funding from the state and federal government. The main part of this campaign is a 15-second silent public service announcement (PSA) playing on SEPTA’s new rail cars asking “what if there was no money to run your train?”. The PSA encourages SEPTA riders to contact their lawmakers about mass transit funding. This is the first time in recent memory that any organization in the Philadelphia-area (including SEPTA, the transit agency) has taken this message straight to the riders. This also takes advantage of the digital screens on SEPTA’s new rail cars, many of which only went into service this year. Here is a copy of the silent PSA. Enjoy it, and make sure to contact your lawmakers about the importance of mass transit funding, no matter what state you live in.”


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