Save Our System: WMATA, put riders first!

Just The Facts!

WMATA services are a vital economic lifeline for residents of DMV region, especially
the most public transit dependent populations of low-income workers, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and students. Nearly 600,000 people rely on WMATA services daily. WMATA is not adequately providing a safe and reliable transit systems and the demand to do so is growing rapidly.

This past year, the WMATA board has raise fares for the metrobus from $1.75 to $2.00 with some express buses increase to $4.25. In Addition to fare hikes for both bus and rails, WMATA is cutting services. 33 Bus routes are being eliminated or service reduced in the DMV Region, up to 25% of rail service will be cut during rush hour and no late night service for two years.

By slashing services, eliminating routes, and raising fares, WMATA is leaving public transit-dependent populations stranded without access to employment, food, schools, healthcare and community services. WMATA riders and the regional economy are suffering.
The lack of good public transportation to access these basic necessities is one of the major economic, environmental and social justice issues facing the DMV region.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Fixing Metro won’t be easy but that doesn’t mean the solutions can’t put riders and workers first. Our Solutions to save our system include:

  • Fix it - We want a safe and reliable transit system.
    Make worker and rider safety a real priority. Don’t defer crucial maintenance. Establish labor-management partnerships on all safety matters. Listen to workers who fix and operate the system every day. Be transparent about your plans and decision-making. WMATA needs better management and investment, not privatization. Adopt safety recommendations from workers who operate and maintain the system.

  • Fund it - We want a funded transit system.
    Every year DC, MD, VA and Congress have to decide how much money to give WMATA and every year WMATA’s funding crisis grows. Regional decision makers must work together to fully fund WMATA with dedicated funding to sustain our public transportation system. Establish funding sources that generate predictable funding in a more sustainable and equitable manner. Make those such as developers and corporations profiting the most off of Metro pay their fair share.

  • Make it fair - We want a fair system.
    We want a flat fare and free transfers between bus and rail. Bring back our bus, rail and MetroAccess service. Extend hours of operation and expand the system. Implement a system that takes into account passenger’s ability to pay, rather than simply on their ages. Increase transparency for the riding public by making all WMATA board meetings accessible to riders at times average riders are able to attend and in meeting spaces big enough to account for public participation.

What You Can Do Now!

Take action today! For far too long WMATA has ignored those who rely on metro the most, riders and workers. Together, if we make all of our voices heard there will be no stopping us.

Do you ride the metro? Sign up to get involved with other Metro riders in the DC area here:

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Whether you’re a rider or member of an organization you can sign up for action alerts and updates by texting “A4T” to 33733.