Sigute "Siggy" Meilus, Executive Director

Siggy is an activist and Massachusetts native who has been working in progressive movements since 2008. Siggy started organizing for transit justice as a student and then spending 5 years organizing with transit riders and workers in Southeastern Massachusetts. In that time Siggy's work included building a bus rider's advocacy organization and organizing winning campaigns for increasing and expanding bus service, stopping fare hikes, and helping pass statewide legislation to give riders a voice and vote on regional transportation boards. Siggy became the first ever rider to sit on the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board. In addition to organizing for improved investment in transportation, Siggy worked to build community through organizing public art installations in an historic immigrant neighborhood in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 


Emmelia Augusta Talarico, Senior Organizer

Emmelia is a brilliant long-time labor organizer who became involved when she was approached by a union organizer outside of her job at a sheet metal factory. From there, she became involved in Occupy Wall Street and went on to organize with Change to Win (CTW). Within a year at CTW, Emmelia organized fast food and service workers’ councils, mobilizations & several strikes, pushing President Obama to sign an executive order granting workers higher wages. Emmelia was a key person involved in the Disrupt J20 mobilizations that took place on inauguration and is the co-founder and steering committee chair of No Justice, No Pride. 

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