The Bosses are for Buses

Good Jobs First released a report today entitled “Bosses for Buses” that covers numerous case studies of corporate support for public transit across the United States. Ranging from leadership development programs in Phoenix, BRT lines in Cleveland, and ballot campaigns in Baton Rouge and LA. The national trend is clear, corporate support for saving and expanding public transit at the local level is at an all time high in America.

Here’s more from Good Jobs First’s press release today:

Washington, DC–American employers are organizing and winning better public transportation in many metro areas. Major employers such as universities and hospitals and coalitions of businesses help explain why state and local ballot initiatives for transit consistently win more than 70 percent of the time.

Yet at the national level, there is not a unified corporate voice for transit; this has been especially evident during three recent federal debates that affected this vital public service. Instead, there are disparate voices speaking only to selected aspects of transit.

Local business coalitions-united by geography-are mostly powered by companies that depend on transit, whereas national advocacy is dominated by companies that make a business selling to transit agencies. As well, there are competing priorities within public transportation circles, such capital budgets versus operating funds.

As American for Transit works with rider organizations and coalitions on the local level to save and expand transit service in our country, this study is an upbeat reminder that we most often win service improvements and expansions when riders, workers, and businesses can work together to advance public transit. Now the question remains, will local transit supportive employees and business step up to support public transit on the national level, and if so how?

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